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Anti-Ageing At Home Gentle Face Lift Machine

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V line face lifting
Power supply
USB Charger
remote control
DC 3.7V 1000 mA
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Nearly Infrared+Vibration technology

Red-ray: promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, anti-ageing, anti-oxidation, skin repair

Blue-ray: quickly suppress common skin inflammation, calm the skin and regulate the secretion of keratinocytes, clean and sterilize the skin, protect the skin and strengthen the absorption and repair of the skin

Infrared: increase the temperature of the deep skin under the skin, expand the microvessel, promote blood circulation

Vibration:relax facial muscles, improve the strength of micro muscles, increase the flexibility of the face, fully lift and
tighten facial muscles, and shape V face
The difference is visible within  six weeks of using it for 10 minutes a day